A spearhead of the ‘Neo Progressive’ movement, MATCHY is a leading synonym for modern deep and melodramatic techno and house.

Hey Matchy, can you tell our followers where you’re based and how you first get hooked on dance music?

Just moved to Berlin this year and I have to admit I really enjoy living in this city. My love for electronic music started quite early as a kid when I recorded tracks from the radio on tape, definitely a lot more Trance and Progressive stuff back then.

Who are the people that most inspire you in dance music right now?

I necessarily don’t take my inspiration from other artists rather than from experiences in my life and my surrounding, therefore Berlin is a great city with a lot of space for creativity. If I had to pick one artist I’d probably say Maceo Plex but also labels such as Selador, Bedrock, Stil vor Talent or Katermukke.

How would you describe the style of music you’re making and which major labels have you featured on?

One word – “emotional” all the tracks and own productions I play trigger some feelings, no matter if it’s more house or techno. A lot of tracks were released on popular German labels such as Stil vor Talent, Katermukke, Steyoyoke, 3000 Grad, Heinz Music or Bar 25 but I started positioning my productions more internationally this year.

Is there any philosophy behind the music you’re creating? 

I have never been a fan of Djs that play one specific style for two or more hours.. with one level of tension. With every set I try to tell a story that builds up and takes people on a journey.

What have been some of the biggest highlights from your career to date? 

One of the biggest highlights has definitely been recently that I achieved to become a Top 100 Artist in two genres on Beatport (Afro House and Melodic House & Techno) solely after 3 months releasing solo as Matchy.

Talk to us about your latest release and who’s been supporting it?

My last track was called “Dreamcatcher” on Beatfreak Recordings, which as been supported by artists such as D-Formation, D-Nox, Cid Inc, Oscar L or Luigi Madonna.

Tell us about your DJ setup when you’re performing. Any plans to perform live?

I usually play with Pioneer CDJs adding additional drums and percussions with my Roland SPD One Electro. And yes, indeed I’m planning to work on a live set as soon as I have my first album done.

Do you have any other releases planned for the future that you want to share?

There are a couple of releases coming up, Makaveli with Stereo Express on Kittball, one EP on Lauter Unfug I put a lot of effort in and an other one on Iconyc Noir in the next couple of weeks.

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