We caught up Lithuanian deep tech talent Donatello, who let us know the tunes he’s feeling right now

1. Love that deep hypnotic vibe, excellent energy, works perfectly any time in any direction of my sets.

2. One of my favourite tracks for opening sets.

3. I love the emotion that you feel from the beginning till the end of the track. Really enjoy it

4. My latest release. As always, groove & melody works best

5. I called it “crazy electronic roller coaster ride”.

6. Really great stuff, always sounds good end fresh

7. There’s no words to describe this track, all you can do, just feel it. TOP!

8. Works perfectly in all my sets. Quality track with the soul.

9. I like that groove, like i love change quick my set directions. Great track to do this.

10. If you wan to destroy the dance floor, this one is absolutely powerful weapon

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