Dee Montero continues rich vein of form with Tale & Tone imprint debut ‘Mandala’

You’ve released on a range of different labels to date. How does Tale & Tone differ from some of the other forward thinking brands in the dance music realm?

There’s definitely a strong consistency with the music direction and artwork of each release. It’s not overly branded and has a sense of mystery so more focus is on music which is why I’ve been a fan of the label since it’s inception a few years ago

What is it about ‘Mandala’ do you think that made it a great fit for Lee & Hoj’s vision for the Storybook EP?

The track has strong ethnic and tribal elements combined with groove and melody so I guess it fits with what Lee and Hoj are playing and releasing right now.

With your deeply rooted history in Ibiza, you’ve been able to work alongside some of the most important names in dance history such as Laurent Garnier & Frankie Knuckles. In your eyes, how have Hoj & Lee influenced the scene over the last decade?

I’ve been influenced by Lee’s music for quite a while now, ever since his residency at Fabric in early 2000. As a DJ he knows how to entertain and educate at the same time and has never compromised his sound which I really respect. More people are opening up to melodic, intricate journey music these days so it’s great to see what Lee and Hoj have achieved with the All Day I Dream parties.

How is your sound resonating with music fans in Ibiza right now?

For many years I was hearing a lot of monotonous tech-house which I felt didn’t suit the island so it kinda went to a dark place musically for me. Since the success of ‘Halcyon’ last year and new parties like Woomoon popping up it’s refreshing to hear uplifting and groovier music which to me is a truer sound of Ibiza. Balearic music is probably my main source of inspiration so I try to make as much feel-good, summery music as possible without sounding cheesy. There’s something for everyone in Ibiza but I think my sound resonates more with new nights like Black Coffee at Hi, All Day I Dream at Blue Marlin, Do Not Sit at Heart and of course the balearic sunsets at Cafe Mambo.

What can we expect from Dee Montero in the coming months?

Dee: Apart from the Tale & Tone ‘Mandala e.p’ release in July I’ve also a new e.p forthcoming on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound called ‘VoyagerPangaea’ which Martin Buttrich has just remixed. I’ve remixed The Disco Evangelists ‘De Niro’ on Positiva which will also come out on vinyl in July.

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