BPA Live Quivver

BPA06: Quivver


Legendary Melodic house and techno artist Quivver surpassed all expectations on tonight’s BPA LIVE and performed exclusive tracks from his brand new mix album.

Quivver’s brand new album and tour ‘ReKonstruct’ could be set to position him as one of the scene’s most important artists again.

Whilst it’s impossible to ignore his past successes, the Brit chooses not to dwell on them. He launched ‘Controlled Substance’ late in 2017, as an output for his darker, more experimental productions and closed out the year as Beatport’s 4th highest-selling progressive artist.

In 2018, he scored a #1 collaboration ‘In Name Only’ with rising techno star Cristoph, plus released on BedrockTronic and Stil Vor Talent, whilst scoring top 10 hits with singles on his new imprint, touring the globe and working on a brand new ‘Involver’ style mix album.

Released October 5th, ‘ReKonstruct’ showcases Quivver’s sound and mastery unlike anything fans have ever witnessed before. Featuring 7 specially prepared album re-edits, 4 new originals, a special-collaboration plus 2 exclusive forthcoming Quivver remixes; it takes listeners on a superlative journey across the sonic kaleidoscope, from house to techno.

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