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Watts Shake visited Fernanda Martins at her home in Barcelona (Spain) and followed her for over 24 hours to discover who she is 'Beyond The Artist'. 3 cities, 2 gigs in a night, and great moments with one of the most influential artists of the Techno scene nowadays. Fernanda, one of the key actors of the Brazilian electronic music scene, opens herself up and shows you who she is, personally as much as professionally. In this 20 minute documentary, discover a little bit more about this artist and what happened, behind the scenes of that night, going from Techno-Flash Festival to the legendary Florida135.

Techno & HardTechno DJ Fernanda Martins (a.k.a Dot Chandler) – Label owner of Devotion Records (Techno) & AudioCode Records (HardTechno) – is nowadays considered one of the biggest female names of the world’s Techno scene.Thanks to her amazing mix technique, great charisma and unmistakable way to communicate and connect with the crowd, she does not leave anyone indifferent when she is in action. Fernanda is able to provides the vibes every electronic music lovers is looking for!!The Brazilian djane collects performances throughout the territory of her home country Brazil, and in more than forty countries around Americas & Europe. What you really need to know about Fernanda Martins is that, whether playing the most powerful Hard Techno, or even, the most pure techno, she makes clear that she knows how to use all the flexibility and versatility that techno offers | | | | |

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You can tell when FERNANDA MARTINS on the decks. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. Warren’s impressive career has seen him release the very first “Back to Mine”, a staggering eight albums for “Global Underground”, and one for “Renaissance”. He is also in control of A&R for record label Hope Recordings, as well as being a member of the highly acclaimed duo Way Out West. Starting as tour DJ with Massive Attack, moving onto a residency at super club Cream and playing at every self-respecting club on the planet, has led him to this natural position as one of the world’s most respected DJs.All this history has been eclipsed by Nick’s present: Nick continues to play out every weekend on every continent, whilst also maintaining Hope Recording’s high quality output that they and Warren himself have become synonymous with; his DJ career spans two decades and is driven by a continual desire for change. His sound is forged by an enduring relationship with cutting edge producers all over the globe, in many cases long before they become established. This is no better represented than in the continuing bi-monthly Radio show ‘Soundgarden’ on Friskyradio which attracts over 150000 unique tune-ins to each airing, or his mixes for Digweed’s ‘Transitions’ and now his album for Renaissance.

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